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Marriage Intensives

What is a Marriage Intensive?

Tried the 1-hour-a-week marriage counseling, maybe more than a few times? Feel you haven’t really gotten to the root of the marital issues? Haven’t realized the real, long term transformation your relationship needs?  Do you feel hopeless that your marriage will never improve?  Is this your “last ditch effort?” You need more than a one-hour band-aid.  You need a two-day marriage makeover that gives you plenty of time and a safe place to work out your struggles.

Couples create patterns.  Those patterns come from practicing how you do or don’t do connection when you are stressed.  Some run away, while others attack when they get their emotional buttons pushed.  The core issue is how you handle pressure in your relationships. I ran away from my wife who seemed to always be pissed off about something for years.  That’s right I was powerless when it came to facing her wrath.  But I learned how to connect with her even when I was feeling disrespect.  It changed our lives forever.  

Why do I personally believe in Marriage Intensives?

I can teach you how to practice the same process to create connection with your spouse that helped my marriage.  I searched the world looking for answers as a master’s level marriage and family therapist.  Most of the stuff I was told was useless advice.  I spent thousands of dollars and years of researching for my own marriage.  Finally, I found the master key that unlocks the disconnect cycle all couples face.  I help couples overcome the impossible and restore their connection. Yes, great marriages are a reality!

What makes a Personal Marriage Intensive so effective?

It works because we take the time during the three-hour sessions to unpack your issues and work on them in the moment.  Can you imagine your mechanic asking you to bring your car to him once a week so he can work on it for 50 minutes?  You would laugh at him because no sooner would he have torn apart the engine you would need to drive it again.  That’s why short counseling does not work because therapists expect clients to go home and practice what they learn.  But the couple start arguing about their session before they get out of the parking lot.  You need a trained professional to empower you to practice and to heal your relationship in the session.  I don’t give couples manuals on how to fix their relationship we do it during our time together.

How does the marriage intensive work?

The intensive format provides a compact, focused period that is free of the everyday distractions of life so relationship healing and growth can be experienced more quickly than weekly counseling sessions. The focused environment includes extended periods of time over multiple days to break the fear cycle and restore powerful communication and a healthy connection.  The ultimate gift I empower couples to learn is how to minister to your spouse’s weakness.

1-day Personal Marriage Intensive with Phillip

Session One: 9am-12pm

Break for lunch

Session Two: 1pm-5pm

2-day Personal Marriage Intensive with Phillip


Session One: 9am-12pm

Break for lunch

Session Two: 1pm-5pm


Session One: 9am-12pm

Break for lunch

Session Two: 1pm-5pm

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Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9


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