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Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9


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Courageous Community Events

Our Latest Book, the Unperfect Marriage is HERE and we are having a Book Launching Party!

February 1st  at 7:00pm

Meeting at the i-61 Warehouse!       and YOU are Invited!

This Will be a Live TV broadcast Event, with interviews and celebrations! and Hors d'oeuvres!

Our Book is Generating such excitement!  We have been asked by several Media Outlets to come and speak on the book! 

This is the story of how we almost destroyed each trying to create the perfect marriage.  This is our story, your story and every couples’ fantasy to have the perfect marriage...until the fantasy gets shattered. We’re excited to share it, and hoping it liberates you to find freedom from the fantasy of perfection.

Come Celebrate with us! and lets get the word out about this important look at reality! 

Revival 2020

The North GA Revival comes to Peachtree City, Saturday Nights

6pm we begin with Prayer

7pm Service and Baptisms 

321 Senoia Rd Peachtree City Suite B   The i-61 Warehouse

WE gather in His presence to Pray Worship and Receive His word!

All are welcome to meet Jesus in the water of Baptism!

marriage Revival

Sometimes we lose our fire.  We stop fighting for the marriage.  The slow fade causes the passion to fade and the trust to drain out.  The Marriage Revival is taking back your fire.  Rediscover your “why” for your marriage.  This is a one night event that fires up couples to return to their passion for marriage.



Practice creates connection.  7PM is a 30-day crash course that empowers couples with the most effective tools to heal their marriage.  This walk out include explanation, examples and easy steps to practice your way to a better, richer and deeper connection in your marriage.  7PM is a life-course that couples can do together in the safety of their home. 


Marriage 3-day Intensive

The 3-day intensive is designed for couples who need a breakthrough.  Healing for your marriage comes from doing work on your marriage not from listening to someone pontificate about how your marriage should look.  This weekend event will be shared with a small group of couples who are doing a deep dive to heal and restore their marriages.

We pour our hearts into this event.  We personally share and demonstrate how vulnerability saved our marriage.  

You will be inspired to take risks and go to depths of creating connection that you did not think was possible.

This event works for small groups and larger groups up to fifty couples.  

We base our price on the needs and size of the host who is planning the event.  

It is our heart to make this a powerful experience for everyone who attends.

Click Here to book your Marriage on Purpose Event! Click the Schedule Here on Courageous Community Events.

The Crossing

The Crossing is a supernatural breakthrough weekend designed to empower you to leave behind who you have become and breakthrough into who you were chosen to be. You will exchange unwanted identities for the real you chosen by God.

The 3-day event takes place in a retreat-like setting where you will participate in spiritual exercises that create an atmosphere for deep encounters with God, resulting is internal transformation.

This powerful 3-day event is an experience unlike any other.  It is a reenactment of the Old Testament Jordan Crossing.  We lead you through the 3-day sanctification process that Joshua used to prepare the nation of Israel just before their miraculous crossing.  The event is driven by spiritual exercises that cleanse your heart and mind of your wilderness failures and disappointments.  

I guarantee you will be filled with courage ready to take your Promised Land.


Dare to take the courageous crossing into THE PROMISED LAND… your promised destiny!

The Crossing Community Event
Apr 24, 6:00 PM – Apr 26, 1:00 PM
i - 61 Warehouse ,
321 Senoia Rd, Peachtree City, GA 30269, USA
Special Speaking events

We love sharing our story. It is special to see how our journey inspires others to go for it.  Our motivation is to be a catalyst for other people.  We get pumped watching passion come alive in others. Sharing our stories with courageous vulnerability is our specialty.  You don’t want us on the conference schedule if you’re afraid of authenticity.  We don’t hold back.  We’ve been known to inspire others to make radical changes in their lives after they listen to our story.  It is a great honor to give away to others what has been imparted to you by God.

We have been privileged to share our story in churches, public forums, colleges, art studios, retreats, barns, hotels, on TV and a few places we don’t mention in public.

Click Here to book us for your event! Click the Schedule Here button on the Courageous Community Events.


Philip has walked with me and my family through some of the darkest, most difficult seasons. He has helped me to identify areas of bondage, to hear the life-bringing voice of God, and to walk into unprecedented victory. Because of his and Darlene’s faithfulness to the Lord, I am now living a life of freedom and sonship which would previously have been unimaginable. 


Tyrone GA

I had never been Baptized, when I saw all of the people being baptized at the Revival meeting, I knew God was inviting me into something deeper with Him.  My dad and I went up to the Baptismal, and when Mr Phillip asked me why I wanted to be Baptized, I told him it was because I wanted to have a deeper relationship with God. He spoke prophetically over me, information about my future with God, and then Mr Philip baptized me.  

When I went under the water, I experienced something I cant really explain, it was like Jesus was there, waiting to meet with me.  I felt Him, I saw Him, and I knew He was there for me.  

It was hard getting out of the water, I was just so shocked at what I experienced.  Later I told my dad about it, and I have really begun a personal relationship with Jesus. 

Age 12 Baptisism Participant

Newnan GA

I have known Philip and Darlena for a long time.  They are beautiful people.  Since Philip has begun the Revival meetings something has really switched with them.  When Philip begins to preach, he pushes boldly into what God is saying, and Philip isn't afraid to say the hard things about our lives, the state of the church, and our hopes and goals for these gatherings.  I was so tired of going to church to be entertained, what we are experiencing at the revival meetings are direct encounters with our Lord, and His words to guide us into deeper walk and relationship with Him!  This isn't a church gathering, this is a group of people entering into the throne room of God to here from our King his hopes goals and desires for our personal and collective lives!

Female Revival Participant

Newnan GA

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