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Remember Who You Are by Darlena Drake Fields

One of the most take-charge things we can do to secure our worth, sustain our confidence and safeguard our hope in the face of discouragement, disappointment and despair is to REMEMBER--remember you are brave and powerful, because of where you've come from and what's inside you. Remember the history that built you...the grandparents who's prayers have kept you...the sacrifices of parents who raised you...the everyday heroes who've impacted you...the wise who've imparted to you...the brave who've inspired you...the words that have shaped you...the truth that has formed your values...the moments of impact that have forever changed you. They've made you who you are today. But as a Believer, perhaps the most empowering truth for you to recapture is who you are because of who lives inside you.

This past Monday, I had one of those reminiscent occasions that caught me by storm in the midst of my quiet time with the Lord. It was triggered by a video sent by a friend via Messenger of Oral Roberts recorded live on his 90th birthday. He was imparting nuggets of wisdom from his life to all the students, alumni and staff of Oral Roberts University, my Alma Mater. After a moving 3-minutes, he points his huge hand at the camera with that big smile of his, affection in his eyes and says this phrase that he will be forever remembered for, "Something good is going to happen to you!"

I closed my eyes to take in the moment and I heard the voice of the Lord in my spirit say, "Remember who you are." Then instantly, as if a slide projector was switched on in my head, pictures of people and significant moments began to flash across my mind'e eye. It was like the Lord himself handpicked them from archives in brain. It began with the everyday heroes in my family like my Papaw Drake, who built a manufacturing jewelry company on a 6th grade mom who pioneered the way for my siblings and I to know a delivering, healing, heart-transforming, life-changing Momma Donna who although is legally blind sees the world through the most beautiful mother-in-law who's worn a prayer spot and her Bible out, reading and praying everyday without sister, my brother, my cousin Jan...they all have crazy-brave redemptive stories I'd love to tell you some day. Who are the everyday heroes from your generation?

Then I saw faces of the wise and brave men and women who founded the schools and universities I've attended and mega-ministries I've worked for, where I received my formal and practical education that undergirded my husband and I to brave a life devoted to ministry flash before my eyes...Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Bill Johnson, Carlton Pearson, Chene' Tucker, Henry Wright...all who've imparted portions of their spiritual inheritance to us because we studied or mentored under them, equipping us to not only live out our purpose, but theirs as well, which in turn, keeps their legacy alive. Who are the wise and brave that have inspired you?

Next I saw glimpses of moments when great pioneers of revival and supernatural living, like Randy Clark, who called me out of a crowd during a conference, asking me to stand so that when he pointed to me and began calling out greatness in me, the power of God hit me so hard my body shook until it "hurt so good"...when Cindy Jacobs laid her hands of on me to pass me a piece of her mantle and the power of God hit me so hard again that I flew off my feet backwards about three rows...when Kris Vallaton prophesied over me that I would lead a movement like Amy Simple McPherson...when Danny Silk prophesied that people of status and influence would someday seek me out for wisdom. It's like these moments of impact create this free Right of Passage for us to step onto a straight-away that leads to destiny. What are the moments of impact that have forever changed you?

Then my mind's eye turned heavenward and I saw The Great Cloud of Witnesses recorded in Hebrews 12:1-3, looking down at me, fist-pumping and cheering me on. It reminded me of when I toured the Capital in D.C. with David Barton and at just the perfectly-timed moment, he had my tour group look up and there at the top of the Rotunda were the painted figures of these history-changing brave-hearts peering down at us. They blazed a trail that the rest of get to run on as brave-hearted Believers, if we so choose. They are poised to hand off this invisible baton that if you reach and grab hold of awakens this place of greatness on the inside of us and enables us to see our lives as deeply meaningful...and we are able to see ourselves in the Great Scheme of Things as very meaningful, purposeful, and powerful. Do you feel the impact of this?

Lastly, while I was reveling in this moment, I heard like a trumpet blast, the voice of a girlfriend who was introducing me to her husband once. She said, "The is Darlena Fields. Ya know, she's the Spiritual Badass I've told you so many stories about." Whoa, that would make a great t-shirt! Then I heard my pastor Steve Hale of Bethel Atlanta, when sharing part of my recent comeback story, call me a Superstar. This is an example of the words that can shape us. Wow! This is who I am! This is the history I carry inside of me! This is the wind beneath the wings of MY life!!! What are the perspective-shifting words that have shaped you?

And if that isn't enough to leave you with your mouth hanging open, here's the most earth-shattering truth of a Believer, we have the Creator of the Universe living on the inside of us! And the Word of God says in John 14:12 that because of this, we get to do greater things even than Jesus when he was carrying out His mission on the earth. Dang!!! That there is some heavy truth! I know it's a lot to wrap your mind around. But it's the Gospel! We are capable, powerful and equipped to do miracles and bring Heaven to Earth because the spirit of the Living God who conquered the grave has claimed residency in our spirits. It requires of us to BE COURAGEOUS enough to unleash it and steward it well.

So, even if you don't think you have a history with influential greats or a string of heroes to call your legacy, at the end of the day, you can declare the last two truths..

The Great Cloud of Witnesses is cheering you on and the Captain of the God armies lives inside of you! That is who YOU are!

These are powerful truths that you get to slam back in the faces of discouragement, disappointment or despair, anytime they start slinging lies at you, to remind them who YOU are...AND don't you forget it!!!



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