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The Secret to Kissing Fear Good-bye by: Lydia Fields

For such a small word, fear really, truly has a big atmosphere. Fear is suffocating. Fear is crippling.This tiny four letter word has the power to control your entire mindset. And for years, that's exactly what it did to me. Fear was always the roadblock in my way. It was like a broken bridge. I could see exactly where my destination was on the other side, but I just couldn't get there because of the huge abyss in front of me. And it took me a little while, but I finally figured out how to put fear in my rearview mirror.

I wish I could say that there was some secret formula to instantly making fear disappear forever, but this isn't Spongebob, and we're not talking about Krabby Patties. The process of kicking fear to the curb takes a lot more effort and discipline than the "easy fix" we're all looking for these days. It requires trust; trust in yourself and trust in the Lord. Now I don't know about you, but trust has never been easy for me, so putting all my faith and trust in the Lord to cast out my fear was a daunting task. The results, however, were life changing. I learned that not only is the Lord capable of taking away the fear and anxiety that once ruled my life, but He is also capable of being trusted. The ironic part of that is: I was too scared (there goes the fear again) to allow Him in enough to take care of me and my fears. But, once I let down that wall, God swept in and mended my broken bridge. I can now walk to the other side without a second thought about it because I know that He's got this. He's got me. The even greater part of this equation is that He had me even when I was afraid. He was there, but I was so blinded by my fear that I couldn't even see His outstretched arms.

This is where trusting yourself comes in. The fact is, no one is perfect. We all have our downfalls and we all make mistakes. Here's my point: do I still get scared sometimes? Of course I do. I'm human. It happens. The trick is, don't let those fears control you. You have to lean in, trust yourself, and take control of the fear and anxiety. Fear is everywhere. There is no sense in running from it. It's there when you turn the lights off downstairs and have to fight the urge to look behind you as you climb up the stairs. It's there right before you have a big job interview. It's there when you think about what your future holds. It's there when you have to speak in front of a huge crowd. It is everywhere. We can't control that. We aren't capable. What we can do, is decide who holds the cards. God created every one of us with a specific purpose in mind. He granted each of us with the ability to make choices, to have a free will. So, in other words, he literally gave us the solution to telling fear to hit the road. We get to decide to tell our fear to leave. Terror, fear, anxiety-- they aren't some mysterious beings on this earth that we have to just put up with our whole lives. What you do have to do is be willing to trust that, with the help of the Lord on your side, you can conquer anything. Because like it says in Luke 1:37- "Nothing is impossible with God."

So what's the secret? Acceptance. Accepting that you're afraid. Accepting that God can handle it, that He's got this. Accepting that you are capable of defeating your fear. Accepting that sometimes fear is gonna sneak up on you. Accepting that you are in control. Accepting that God created you to be a winner and a fighter. Accepting that fear can't get you down for one day longer. So, does this mean that, if you're scared of heights you should go jump off a cliff and trust the Lord to catch you on the way down? No way. That would be ridiculous. This means that the next time you find yourself at a broken bridge, you call on the Lord, and together, you will mend the brokenness and kiss your fear goodbye.



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