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Be Courageous? by Darlena Drake Fields

"Courageous" has become quite the buzz word these days. It's being used to describe anything that people dare to choose outside of what mainstream culture has deemed as normal. Before the movie, Courageous, came out in August 2011, that inspired men to be loving/faithful fathers, the sound of the word brought images of brave knights or daring soldiers to mind. Nowadays, this dignified adjective is being used to describe decisions folks are making that are as extreme as coming out of the closet, dying their hair a crazy color, quitting their job to live in a tent, or talking instead of texting. My, how things have changed!

"I am going to heal you, but I need you to 'get real'"

Phillip and I, however, have an entirely different take on the word. We began our Courageous Journey in January 2002, which has progressed over time into a Courageous Lifestyle. It all started after a wave of devastation hit our lives: Phillip became deathly ill, I was battling suicidal depression, our marriage was flatlining, and our bank account was depleted. You could say that death was knocking at our door. But, in the midst of the tidal wave of despair, we heard the Lord speak to us, "I am going to heal you, but I need you to 'get real'." Wow! Okay? We didn't exactly know what all that entailed, but being healed sounded REAL good! So, we desperately responded with a big, resounding, "YES!", to whatever the heck God meant by that appeal. I'm not sure if you'll understand this, but there's something about the desperation to live that'll cause a person to drop their pride, get down off their high-horse, and be willing to do just about anything to be free. This is where we were, and the horse was out to pasture.

"... what 'getting real' with God looks like is 'being courageous'"

We could never have guessed in our wildest dreams what adventure lay ahead of us when we said yes to unwittingly obey, but we are alive and thriving today because of it. What "getting real" with God looks like is "being courageous". To us courage means being vulnerable enough to risk...

  • laying our polluted souls that contribute to sickness and disease, bare before the Lord;

  • allowing Him to clean out the build-up of disappointment, fear, hurt, and shame that has created false identities;

  • remove dark lenses that distort our perception of life, love and happiness;

  • uproot the lies and false beliefs that torment us and drive our lives;

  • tear down the self-imposed prisons we've erected to protect our hearts;

  • and undo the pain of the past and consequential destructive behaviors that keep us stuck.

"...a daring Treasure Hunt to discover who we really are and why we were born..."

Now, don't freak out on me! I know that list might sound a little scary. Had I been presented that "get real plan" all up front like that, I don't know that I would have so eagerly signed up for it. But, here's the thing...I can honestly say, I'd do it all over again, because on the other side of those risks is the great reward of a vibrant life, colored with FREEDOM, PURPOSE, SECURITY, LOVE, POWER, PASSION, and FULFILLMENT! It has truly been a grand adventure that was worth every hard thing we said "YES" to. In fact, it's been like a daring Treasure Hunt to discover who we really are and why we were born, with new discoveries and relationships with each milestone. The hard processes at each turning point actually became tools to dig out the greatness inside of us...the treasure of who we really are!

"...vulnerability is what courage looks like..."

In short, vulnerability is what courage looks like to us. Joining us on a soulish quest to...

  • experience spiritual awakening & free your soul,

  • uncover your identity & discover your purpose,

  • learn to be loved & love wholeheartedly,

  • find your authority & unleash your full potential,

  • ignite your passion & become the answer to a cause,

  • connect with your tribe & find belonging,

  • unearth the destiny that you would give your life for...

Requires vulnerability, the key to a Courageous Lifestyle. See, that list sounds amazing compared to the first one, right? Like what you've dreamed of having, but seemed so unattainable. Well, I'm so glad you tracked with me to the end. Because, I have great news! This kind of life is within your reach, but not without being willing to first risk wading through the swampland of your soul. It is a must, if you desire the life you were born for. We are living proof that you can rise from ashes of your life, find your courage, unleash your full potential, and lead a greathearted life. We believe it's possible for you, too. Take the risk and say "YES" to your own Courageous Journey! Contact us today at



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Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9


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