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Who Counsels Counselors? by Phillip Fields

"If your not pursuing a dangerous quest with your life, well, then, you don't need a Guide. If you haven't found yourself in the middle of a ferocious war, then you won't need a seasoned Captain. If you've settled in your mind to live as though this is a fairly neutral world and you are simply trying to live your life on your best efforts and clinical understandings as best as you can, then you can probably get by with the Christian counseling tips and techniques." (Waking the Dead John Eldridge)

I have been counseling, coaching and ministering to people for over three decades.

I know that I know that I know that I need a Counselor. I not only need all that grace provides but I often need someone to help me walk it out. I realized over fifteen years ago that when my life broke down, my body collapsed and my wife was ready to walk out the door that I needed HELP.

I am living in God's story. I need more than human reasoning and human determination to live out my purpose. I have failed trying to live on my best ideas and best efforts. I must have a giant dose of grace every day of my life. The Apostle Paul said it like this, "I glory in my weakness because when I am weak I find His strength at work in me."

I don't hide my stuff I get help for it. It has become a joy to be a life-long learner. God has used many different people to help me. My wife is often the best minister when I am stuck. She really knows how to speak into my heart and pull the greatness out of me.

Hear my heart I understand the battle that helpers face. I recommend making receiving help a regular thing for counselors, coaches and pastors. Don't wait until there's an emergency. Make it a part of your annual schedule. Make receiving counseling for yourself as important as you want your clients to make it. Invest in yourself. Your emotional and spiritual health matter.

The biggest barriers we face as counselors is learning how to receive. It can be a pride issue. But I think it is deeper, much deeper. We don't want to be seen. We desperately avoid letting our guard down because we are supposed to have it all together. We hide behind our professional credentials. This is a trap. It imprisons us because we have to keep up the performance that we are perfect.

Think about it. Don't ignore the warning signs. Wake up before it is too late. Submit yourself to someone and it will open the door to growth and freedom. Vulnerability is your friend not your enemy. Invite grace into your weakness and your reward will be great!

I have been privileged to serve pastors, missionaries, counselors, coaches, teachers, doctors and various other professionals over the years. I stand ready to get my hands dirty and help you fight your battles.

Please contact us today at: to start your courageous journey to freedom.

honestly confess that many counselors don't seek out professional help.



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