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Life Happens! Really? by Phillip Fields

LIFE HAPPENS? Are you excited about the potential of a Zombie apocalypse? Anxiously expecting Jesus Christ to return? If so, you may be a pawn in the hands of more powerful forces that control the universe. If you don't see your life making a difference, then your destiny will be the result of evolution.

How you answer the questions above determines the quality of your life. If you believe that your role in the drama of life is predetermined, then your choices don't really matter. If you believe that OTHERS are in charge of your future then you will make excuses for why life never works out in your favor.

I believed LIFE HAPPENS for the first half of my life. But I was determined to prove that whatever happened to me wasn't going to control me. I was going to prove the natural forces of evolving wrong. Stuff does happen, but I wasn't going to let anything or anyone determine my destiny. Everyday of my life was a grind to prove that everything and everyone that said I couldn't succeed was wrong. MAKE LIFE HAPPEN was my philosophy.

It took me about thirty-five years, a life-threatening illness, a colossal career failure, and almost losing my family to rethink my high-minded theory. Making life happen fit my hard charging personality and some really deep wounds that said I would never amount to anything. I was the king of "trying harder" and self help until I burned out before I hit 40.

If LIFE HAPPENS and MAKING LIFE HAPPEN are wrong then what is the truth? My half-a-century experience is this:


"LIFE HAPPENS THROUGH YOU" is about learning that you cannot control your external environment or the things that happen to you, but you can choose what you believe about your experiences. YOU DETERMINE YOUR PERCEPTION. No one, no thing, no event and no circumstance can control how you see the world. Your will, your beliefs, your convictions and most of your perception determine the quality of your life.

If the best you can expect is LIFE HAPPENS then you are powerless. You are a collection of DNA that is subject to the forces of evolution. If your destiny is based on MAKING LIFE HAPPEN then you are the product of your best performance. Neither of those scenarios paint the picture of your created potential.

CONSIDER THIS: what if you are designed to be powerful? What if you are purposed to collaborate with the Creator to improve the planet?

I believe you enjoy life and find meaning when you experience a life-union with God that empowers you to reach your full potential. Grace, God's love demonstrated through Christ, turns your utter weakness into empowerment to be the man or woman you really want to be.

I discovered in my burn-out phase of life, that I was created to allow God to live through me. I don't live FOR GOD, I live FROM HIM. He doesn't give me a set of rules to follow Him. Relationship with God empowers me to be and to do things I could never do on my best day, with my best efforts.

The goal is no longer to prove myself or to settle for what life dishes out. I am living out God's story and He is living through me. I am full of potential to bring LOVE, LIGHT, AND LIFE to others as I fulfill my created purpose, because HE LIVES THROUGH ME.



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