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Is Your Counselor a Jackass? by Phillip Fields

Read the entire article before you throw me under the bus. This is about having the courage to face truth.

I often witness a very destructive pattern in Christian counseling. People hire counselors to stop feeling pain. But experience tells me once a counselor confronts self-destructive patterns the client drops the process. How are you going to stop the pain if you don't want to endure the healing process? Is it the counselor's fault for asking the tough questions? Think about it. Your life is stuck and your family is a mess but in your mind the problem is the method of the counselor. Maybe, just maybe you have a problem receiving feedback from others.

Let's look at the biblical example of Balaam. The "want-to-be" prophet made his living telling people what they wanted to hear. His livelihood came from blessing or cursing people depending on who was paying him.

Balaam was a hired hit-man called upon to curse the nation of Israel. He acted like he was doing the right thing during the back ally deal by asking God for direction in front of the men who were sent to acquire his services. But Balaam's real motive was to gain leverage by appearing powerful. He wasn't submissively asking God for direction. He was putting on a show, because he would do anything or say anything to get money. God told Balaam not to curse Israel. The straightforward message from God was DON'T DO IT.

Balaam acted like he was doing the right thing, but blatantly disobeyed God's command. He chose to defy God's order and took the trip to meet with the wicked King for money. God sent an angel messenger to stop Balaam, who first appeared to Balaam's jackass. The

perceptive than Balaam, who preceded to beat the donkey three times trying to force him to keep going.

Then, the jackass started talking with a human voice. Stop the show! This is not a GPS message; "rerouting, rerouting." This is a donkey that sounds like an Angel. If that wouldn't get your attention then you must be deaf and dumb. The donkey said to Balaam, "Have I not been your trustworthy guide for many years? Why are you beating me?" (My interpretation: why are you beating me and blaming me for getting us into this mess? I'm just your humble servant.)

The powerful message is an intervention from the throne of Heaven. God is using a JACKASS to counsel the counselor, Balaam. The donkey, the humble servant is trying to rescue Balaam from the worst decision of his life. Balaam is beating and blaming the donkey for creating a dilema that resulted because he would not listen to God's counsel.

The warning to God's messengers/counselors:

-Don't make personal profit the priority.

-Tell the truth no matter what the cost.

-Speak only what you are instructed to say.

The warning to everyone seeking counsel:

-Be open to reproof.

-Don't idolize the messenger.

-Be careful a jackass might be God's messenger.

Honey! Your not going to be pain free until you take full responsibility for your healing. That starts with good old fashion repentance and admitting you are wrong.

PUNCHLINE: Personally I'd choose to receive hard truth from a jackass rather than smooth B.S. from a well-paid "prophet-want-to-be"!!!



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