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You Are Royalty by Lydia Fields

During the years that I struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, I noticed that it was always hard for me to hear statistics. It was hard for me to hear how many "young people" struggle with depression. It was hard to hear how many teenagers committed suicide, much less the great number that struggle with suicidal idealizations. It was hard to hear how many children go through sexual abuse or get molested. It was hard to hear how many pastor's kids "stray" from the Lord. I could never quite put my finger on why it bothered me so much to hear all of those things, and then one day it hit me, and it hit me hard: I was all of those things. I had become those statistics. I had reduced my identity down to just a number. I was living a lie. Once again, I had found a way for the world to define me. Now don't get me wrong, statistics are good. Facts are helpful. But, they are not who you are.

God revealed this lie to me in His best fashion. He captured my heart. He took the lie I had been believing and turned it into something beautiful, and all it took was one phrase: "My Daughter." Any time the Lord would talk to me, He would always start with, "My Daughter." I had never taken a moment to really grasp the way our King and Savior of the earth addressed me. He called me daughter. He claimed me. When I was broken, ashamed, and a shell of a human being, the God that put the stars in the sky and created the wind and the waves called me His daughter with nothing but complete adoration and love in His words. I was His own, and once that hit me, I was never the same. If I am His daughter, and He is a King, then that makes me royalty. So, not only am I His daughter, I am a princess. I'm not a number. I'm not a statistic. I'm not just another page in the book. I am royalty. You are royalty. We are His sons and daughters.

Isaiah 62:3 says: "You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God." God has claimed each of us as royalty. He proclaimed destiny and purpose over our lives. The world doesn't define who we are. We don't find our identity in the statistics or the numbers. We find identity in the One who laid it all down so that we, in turn, as royalty, could bring Heaven to earth. We give the enemy authority when we believe the lie that we are what the world says we are. He doesn't want us to know we are sons and daughters of the King because then we realize how much power we actually have. So, I would encourage each and every one of you to take the time to just declare over yourself: "I am royalty. I am worthy.I am a son/daughter of the King. I am not a number." Once we realize the truth, everything changes in all walks of life. We find purpose. We find kingdom identity, and it becomes easier and easier to combat the lies that the enemy throws our way. We are not what the world is feeding us. You're not a number. You are royalty.



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