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Who Does Your Thinking? by Phillip Fields

Who tells you what to believe? Who's voice has the most influence in your life? What influences your thinking more than anything?

I spent last weekend remodeling our basement. This gave me ample time to think. To think about and realize how many voices resound in my head. My thoughts are bouncing around in there like a pinball! Worried thoughts surface over stuff like my kids, money and responsibilities. I was thinking about Facebook posts and a movie I watched the night before. Conversations I had with people all week swirled in and out of my mind.

Eventually, I turned on a TV, so I didn't have to hear myself think. I landed on the Christian station, while hammering away, listening to the thoughts of several well-known preachers and powerful teachers. Funny, I found myself arguing with them in my head about their messages at times.

Before the weekend was over I had a conversation with myself. I said, "you have too many voices in your head. Be quiet and listen!" Something special started happening. I felt the comfort of God's voice. He reminded me how special it is for Him to connect with me, when I shut out all the other voices.

All of us are tuning into something...searching for inspiration.

We have our favorites. Some make Facebook the first thing they turn on in the morning and the last thing they see before they fall asleep. For much of the younger generation, it's Instagram. My father kept Fox News blaring ALL DAY!

Millennials seem to use social media apps that they jump on and off in less than fifteen seconds. I still love good old fashion TV shows. I don't think anyone reads the newspaper anymore, except my mom. People actually take their phones with them everywhere these days, including the bathroom!

I stood in line at the airport the other day for over an hour waiting to get through security. I never made eye contact with anyone. Why? They were too busy staring at their PHONES!

Your go-to source for info matters. It is important because we are inundated with a constant stream of "something" pouring into our ears, passing through our eyes and filling up space in our brains. We take in data like we're drinking from a fire hydrant.


I don't know about you, but I find myself wanting to filter out most of what I am listening to or exposed to.

I have a limited capacity to keep up with the current world crisis, the latest social movements, the sexual harassment cases, how many murders are happening, what Trump Twittered the night before, my kids posts on Instagram and my high school buddies latest hunting trip! Ugh!

If I am not careful I can allow stuff -- lots of stuff -- to crowd my brain. Heaven forbid!

It is too easy to let someone else do my thinking. But I can't afford to allow an invasion of information to control, manipulate, distract or steal my thoughts.


I think what I think because I am 100% responsible for my thought life.

I am the GATEKEEPER of what I meditate on.

I have the most powerful influence in what I believe and who I listen to.


God delivered this locker room speech to Joshua, a newly appointed leader of the Israelite Nation on the bank of the flooded Jordan River:

Don't let this Book (God's Word) depart out of your mouth but meditate on it day and night because if you do then you will be successful. (Joshua 1: 8)

What did that mean to Joshua?

Joshua was scared. He questioned his own ability to be God's man, to be a courageous leader.

But, God gave Joshua the KEY TO SUCCESS. Victory would come from learning to meditate on God's Law -- His word.

Could I do what Joshua did?


God's word carries authority with it.

When God speaks to us it empowers us to become who we are created to be. It pulls out our potential and we become super human.

The key to living courageously is meditation.

Your meditation will become your manifestation.

The deep stuff you chew on in your heart will automatically surface when you are tested.

It's true. You are what you eat!


Stop the intrusion for one week. Slow down your thoughts. Search and seize the thoughts that you don't want to take up residence in your mind. Kick them to the curb.

Replace your normal source of affirmation (TV, YouTube, social media, podcast, novels, whatever you lean on the most for inspiration or an escape).

Be intentional about what you listen to, what you watch and what you imagine with your mind!

Ask one person to do this with you:

  • Choose one Bible verse or a positive affirmation and write it on a 3x5 card, on your phone or some where you can easily access it.

  • Chew on the words, think on the key words and focus on seeing the words fulfilled in your life.

  • Image it becoming real, by practicing meditating on it -- choosing to think about it until the word becomes real to you.

  • Try to memorize it.

  • Write it out very slowly.

  • Carry it with you all day, and make it what you read before you fall asleep, the first thing you think about, what you ponder during a break at work and talk about it at dinner.

  • Share your experience with your partner, who participated in the exercise at the end of the week.

Take this meditation challenge and report back to me what you experienced.

I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised!



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