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Fear is Contagious by Lydia Fields

Do you ever remember watching a scary movie and after the movie is over, in the midst of all your fear, you wonder, "Why am I scared?" There could be a couple different answers to this question, but the one I'm going to focus on is this: I'm scared because the characters in the movie were scared.

Can you imagine how differently Scream, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and all those other classic horror movies would have been conveyed if the characters in the movies hadn't been scared? How differently would we have reacted if, at the climax of that scary movie we watched, the bad guy walks around the corner and the good guy just sits there calmly like, "Oh? Hey. What's up?" There is a pretty good chance that you really wouldn't have been that scared. Why? Because, fear is contagious.

Fear has a way of creeping up inside you and getting

comfortable in the worst places.

Fear has a way of creeping up inside you and getting comfortable in the worst places. Fear causes us to make irrational choices. And, it just adds fuel to the fire when the people around you are scared too. I have spent most of my life living from and for fear. I let fear bend and break me so harshly that I hardly even recognized myself anymore. But, the God of breakthroughs had His eye on me and completely set me free.

After my breakthrough, I started to notice that fear was trying to creep back into my life, and I drove myself a little crazy trying to figure out how it had found a way in. Then, one day it hit me. I was no longer creating the fear, but, in fact, it was the people around me that were creating the fear and I was soaking it up. It was really hard for me to accept that a lot of the people in my life that I cherish the most were rubbing their fear off on me.

Why can't my breakthrough be

more powerful than their fear?

But, instead of shutting down and giving in, I got to thinking. If their fear can rub off on me, why can't my breakthrough work the same way? Why can't my breakthrough be more powerful than their fear? How would I go about that?

Here's what I came up with:

It's all about breaking off the mindset of fear and learning to live an empowered life.

A couple weeks ago I was in a situation where fear was trying to creep back in. One of my best friends made a rash decision based completely off of her fear, and I was pretty close to following in her foot steps, but I made a choice then that changed my entire outlook on life. I decided to go to God with my fear.

Even though every part of me wanted to be afraid with her or be angry with her for her decision, I realized that I don't have control over anyone else's fear but my own. I made a decision that ended up empowering the both of us.

I ran after my fear full speed, and God was right on the other side of that mess with His arms wide open.

He was cheering me on and clapping and He wanted nothing more than to honor me for my decision.

God is more powerful than my fear, just like He was more powerful than my friend's fear.

The difference was, I made the decision to give God my fear, while my friend fed her fear.

Fear is contagious.

It will eat you alive if you let it.

It captures the hearts of our loved ones and the people that surround us.

But every time, no matter what, God is bigger than that fear.

  • We don't have control over our surroundings.

  • We don't have control over the people around us.

  • We don't have control over every situation that comes up in our life.

But...God is always bigger than it all.

He is our biggest fan!

He is powerful enough to make our breakthrough shine brighter than the fear around us.

  • It's our job to lean into Him.

  • It's our decision to give Him our fear.

  • It's our choice whether or not we are going to let fear have control over our lives.

So, make the right choice.

Learn to live a life of freedom and empower the people around you.

Fear may be contagious, but then...




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