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What Are You Fighting For?

The dust settled. It was over, but I was spitting mad. My fists were still clinched, my clothes were disheveled, and my heart was pounding. "I told you to leave me alone, you punk!" I roared with my 8-year-old voice into the scared eyes of the beaten bully beneath me.

My first neighborhood fight lasted a few furious moments, but it left a lifetime impression.

Although I conquered the giant, I didn't like the way it made me feel.

I found no pleasure in dominating a bully that day.

I knew what it was like to have someone sit on top of you, and pulverize you until you couldn't take it anymore.

I wanted to do the opposite...I wanted to see people win.

I've wanted to LIBERATE people from feeling beaten down and shamed, since I was old enough to care.

As I became an adult, my fight turned into a passion to unshackle the people who could not fight for themselves.

There is a big difference between


When you fight "for" someone, you want what is best for them.

When you fight "against" someone, you are seeking to destroy them.

Everybody fights for the things we care about.

We are trying to protect ourselves when passion ignites like a volcano during threatening moments.

Wars break out to defend the most sacred thing to us -- OUR LIBERTY.

We fight against those who try to steal our right to choose. Crushing those who come against us doesn't lead to emancipation. It leads to slavery.

Everyone wants to feel free to pursue happiness. But other people, forces of darkness and life's universal unfairness attempt to steal our privilege to have this birthright.

All of the bad experiences in my life can be compared to a thief trying to steal my most valuable asset...

FREEDOM -- my birthright to perceive and to choose what I believe.

The day you allow your enemy's voice to control you is the day you loose your freedom.

Your life is the fruit of your perception.

Darkness enslaves us when we give up our right to choose and default to reacting only to defend ourselves.

We have a birthright to freedom, but it comes with responsibility.

Our perception, our beliefs and our choices are 100% our responsibility.

No one can steal your right to believe or to perceive, unless you forfeit that freedom by loosing control of yourself.

You may be oppressed, beaten down and controlled, but that doesn't mean you are a slave.

Slaves never fight for freedom.

You are free -- free to choose who you are and how you react.

Fighting back to hurt those who hurt you makes you enslaved to wounds created by your enemy's voice.

Hurt begets hurt.

To end the cycle of agony you have to learn to listen to the voice of LOVE.

  • Love forgives.

  • Love challenges wrong.

  • Love does not tolerate sin.

  • Love transforms darkness.

  • Love sets boundaries.

  • Love protects us.


Fight for LOVE! Fight with LOVE!

Fight for FREEDOM! Fight with FREEDOM!

That's what FIGHTING FOR looks like.


Jesus turned over tables liberating poor people from religious controlling manipulators!


  • It's your right to fight "For" freedom.

  • Don't fight "Against" it.

  • It is your right to choose.

  • Choose freedom!

"True leaders FIGHT for the highest good in those the lead." -GiANT Worldwide



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