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Becoming Like God

What is the goal of your faith? Are you trying to obtain sinless perfection? Is your aim to pass the moral tests of Christianity -- to not do bad things like lie, steal, cheat, get drunk or cuss? Is it about doing good deeds for the poor, widows and orphans -- hopefully enough to deserve passing through the pearly gates? Or is the ultimate purpose of your faith to leave this miserable existence in exchange for eternal paradise?

Whatever your reason or rationale, nothing we experience will ever make sense until we embrace the truth of God's plan.

Pain, suffering, disappointment, injustice, and the struggles of life will torment us until we understand why we were created, the meaning of the gospel and make sense of eternity.

If the goal of your faith is anything less than being transformed to BECOME LIKE GOD, then you are missing out on the greatest secret to finding purpose for your life.

Truth is, God designed us with a spiritual capacity to become like HIM.

YOU can be transformed to think and act like God.

To be perfectly clear, I'm NOT in any way saying that we can become God, nor can we be a god.

However, if we fully embrace the transformation process we can and we will BECOME "LIKE" GOD.

It's time to divorce religion that says we are horrible sinners, who never please God, because He is disgusted with our feeble attempts to live the right way.

Religion was invented to make us feel better about our attempts to please an impossible-to-please God.



Any other goal falls short of our reason for being.

Reducing our faith to attending church, random acts of kindness and personal piety misses the whole meaning for your existence.

God wants to live in you, through you and with you.

Bottom line -- He wants to be one with you!

That's right, the Creator of the Universe wants to live in "every room of your house".

If your soul and your spirit were metaphorically a house then God would want to:

  • visit with you on the porch

  • take walks with you through the garden

  • fellowship with you at the dinner table

  • rest with you while sleeping in the bedroom

  • clean out the closet with you

  • go into the dark depths of the basement with you

  • laugh with you in your entertainment room

  • run with you in the workout room

Life with God starts when we recognize that His goal is to fill us up spirit, soul and body with His real, tangible presence breathing into us His goodness and His greatness 24-7.

It's not about me reading my Bible and trying to imitate what He is like.

It's about allowing HIM -- the living real person of Christ, not the mythical bearded character from ancient times -- to live through me in the real present tense.

Being LIKE God is about allowing the UNSEEN REAL to manifest in my daily life.

How do we become like God?

  • We must be TRANSFORMED.

  • Transformation takes place when we live from a new nature.

  • Spiritual transformation is the result of exchanging our old self-centered-fearful nature with a brand new God-centered faithful nature.

My new nature has a different set of Want-To's.

  • I used to want to control life, but now I want to be life.

  • I was so fearful that my primary motivation was reward and punishment.

  • It was about what can I get and what can I avoid.

  • But now my reason for being is inspired by my most important relationships.

  • Life is about living from a place security and significance knowing I am loved and valued by my heavenly Father.

Transformation happens when we allow God to Father us.

  • It starts with learning to receive His love by allowing Him to speak to our heart.

  • The Father sets things in order by speaking to them.

  • His love takes up residence when we begin believing what He says about us.

The work of transformation is a continuous evolving process like a marriage relationship.

  • We say "I do", but we must continue to receive His love and give it away.

  • Receiving and giving keeps the connection alive.

  • He speaks my love language and I learn to speak His.

  • The spiritual exchange empowers me to become who I was born to be.

Becoming like God is a movement expressed through relationship.

As two persons influence one another a rhythm of connection develops.

A deep intimate bond develops that reveals the fulfillment of deep core needs.

God moves through us and into us creating an abiding sense of security and significance.

I am safe and secure because I am known and I learn to know HIM.

Father is really good at leading us through both painful and exciting seasons, always causing the connection to be more real and meaningful.

I am no longer burdened by the pain of perseverance, because I have a purposeful reason to overcome.

My life has meaning because I am vessel of God's goodness and His greatness, expressing His glory to the world around me.

I am not slowly dying, but being transformed into a beautiful spirit being like my Father.

Some day I will look so much like Him and act like Him that you will be filled with His spirit when you are in my presence.

This is what it will look like when we look like God -- when we have become like Him.



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