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TRUST: the foundation for everything

WE NEED TO RESTORE TRUST. The foundation of everything we hold to be dear is built upon trust. We long to believe that our public leaders are doing the right thing.

The fierce battle we witnessed this week was not about who is right or wrong but about who is more powerful. I am grieved by the political uproar involving the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh. I'm not writing this to shove my opinion down your throat.

My goal is to restore trust.

I am an OVER-COMER OF CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE. I know what it is like to trust no one, NOT even God.

Don't be fooled . The ugly battle for political power in this country has eroded our trust in the government we desperately need to restore certainty. I have lost my confidence in the government to restore integrity.

It's time for an awakening. That's not going to happen because one side defeats the other; that's a CIVIL WAR.

Pull back from the political mayhem for a minute. You and I need to become TRUSTWORTHY. We need to bring back HONOR TO our PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIVES.

Use Webster's 1828 DEFINITION FOR TRUST:

Confidence; a reliance or resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship or other sound principle of another person.

Who fits that definition in your life?

Who is your "go to" when your world turns upside down?

Who knows your good, bad and ugly stuff?

Have you ever deeply trusted someone only to discover that they betrayed you?

Most of us know the pain of broken trust.

But have you ever been the one who destroyed the trust?

It's time to clean up our messes!

Put yourself on the stand. Self-awareness is huge. Don't hide behind religion.

Are you trustworthy? It's easy to attack people in public office or someone we don't agree with. What would your phone records reveal? What about your computer history or the money trail left by your credit card expenses?

Are you a person of INTEGRITY? How do you act when no one is watching? Could you imagine being held responsible for your immature behavior when you were in high school or college? I would be kicked out of every court in the land if that's what my public service was based on.

To RESTORE TRUST I propose that we become TRUSTWORTHY:

JESUS: submit to Jesus as your Lord not a biblical character who lived 2000 years ago

Give HIM permission to heal and transform your soul

SELF-AWARENESS: take an honest look at how you show up to others, invite others to speak into our lives, start with the people you live with,

INTEGRITY: practice doing the right thing when nobody is looking, follow through on your commitments, make certain that your words are authentic and sure

HONOR: make respect for others a priority, serve with purpose not for a reward or to avoid punishment, fight the battle with valor because it's the right thing to do

Are YOU willing to become trustworthy?



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