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Is Satan Creeping on Your Marriage?

Most couples are clueless about the devil's tactics to disrupt their connection.

We blame one another for everything that provokes fear within us.

We say, "I'm not afraid" okay why are you yelling?

We insist, "I'm not intimidated by her" okay why haven't you spoken for 3 days?

We are oblivious to Satan's subtleties.



Hope is vital because it fuels our connections. If there is no trust that our emotional and spiritual needs will be met then we start to drift away from one another looking for something to fill the void. Once we allow the subtle little lie to sink into our heart we stop believing that our spouse cares about us and become the mouth piece for the Spirit of accusation.

Accusation is a Whisper that Sounds Like Your Self-talk:

He doesn't really love you...

It's your fault...

She doesn't respect you...

He said your stupid...

Your just like your mother...

Your just like your father...

He never says he's sorry...

I do all the work in our marriage...

My needs never get met...

Here's the point.

The enemy tosses us a lie about our spouse that has enough truth in it to cause us to believe it. We take up a case against our spouse based on a lie that started with our fear.

Consider the First Couple: Adam and Eve

How did Satan get into Eve's head? One question: "Did God really say that?" His subtly is his specialty. Thousands of years later he is working the same strategy.

After The Fall: Adam and Eve

They turn on each other. It's your fault. No it's her fault. No it's Satan's fault. Rejection manifests and division follows. For Centuries we have been trying to stop the evolution of divorce. UGH!

Satan knows if he can turn you against your spouse then you will be weakened and vulnerable to attack. That's when he sends in the destroyer to tempt you to give up on your marriage.

Don't Believe the Lie! Don't drink the cool-aid!

Here's your hope:

"So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God's perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose (Romans 8:28) Passion Translation.

This means that the good, the bad, the ugly, the wanted and the unwanted stuff is shaping us to be more like HIM!

I have seen, witnessed with my own eyes the miraculous work of restoration that only God can do in marriage. It is HIS original plan. He will restore YOUR MARRIAGE!

It's time for you to say NO, NO, NO to Satan's subtle accusation and chase those lies out of your heart!



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