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2021 The Year of the IMPOSSIBLE becoming a REALITY

Something is going to happen in 2021...something powerful...something earth-shattering...something that seems utterly impossible will become force change.

I can hardly wait to see it! I don't want to spend another year living under the oppression of fear.

2020 created a diabolical carnage of ugly events; an ungodly normal was forced upon us. Who would have ever thought that a mask would be required in order to buy your groceries or that our cities would be on fire with anarchy? I can't remember a more tumultuous year in my 55-year history.

The question of the day seems to be, what are we going to do?

Despite the odds, deep in my heart, I know something good, something great is coming. Beyond the pain, the loss, and the hardness of our generation I am expecting the Lord to make something good out of the shaking in 2020.


I know it seems so unreal...and almost stupid to have hope. But deep down in my heart I still believe that God's redeeming power can release His promised great awakening. Now's the time!

I know it feels like there is no way to heal the division in our nation or the utter hopelessness of this generation. And we have grown more hard-hearted and more self-entitled than ever before. But God...but God has a plan to redeem it all!

A revival of supernatural proportions awaits the remnant who have not given up!

I'm not talking about extended, high-energy church services that only rev up your emotions, without transforming our self-centered souls. No. What I am believing God for is global repentance that releases a hunger for righteousness--God's righteousness that transforms the worst sinners into saints--an awakening that forces governmental leaders to change their ways and their policies, because the swell of our morality rises to such a level, we can no longer tolerate corruption.

2020 required a personal transition. In the midst of praying how we were to respond to current events and prepare for the future, as a family and a ministry, we heard the Lord direct us to sell our home and prepare for spiritual war. So, we obeyed. Our house sold in a month's time, which has freed us to do whatever God called us to do. We went from taking care of sheep to raising up an army. We rallied the troops together--remnant Believers--for intense, round-the-clock prayer meetings.

The Great Awakening that's coming will call for Radical Militant Obedience.

We are taking the first step to obey God. He is calling us to gather the remnant; those who will not sell-out to the agenda of Satan but seek to give their whole lives for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The church has been using terms like "sold out" for years but in the future because of persecution we will need a Holy Fire that burns from a lifestyle of prayer.

I would never-never-never make an annoucement that I was starting a church. I didn't want to reproduce something in my flesh. But God has spoken to me and I know that I have to obey Him. He is releasing a fire for those who want to burn for HIM. I am desperate to do something about the way things are. I know I am not alone in this hunger for change.

I am starting a movement that will be organized like a church but the goal must go beyond increasing numbers and building buildings and doing the usual programs. The goal is to raise up the "sold-out" ones to create a courageous community that launches leaders into the community to create Kingdom culture. This movement will not be for the "seeker friendly" crowd who values church because it makes them happy. No this is not the gospel of accomodation but the gospel that transforms sinners and turns them into a salvation army.

Are you hungry for a fresh move of God?

I am being asked every day how we are going to do this. My answer is simple. We will pray until God clearly speaks to us and we will obey Him no matter the cost. If you want to join the movement then I invite you to join us for 21 days of prayer and fasting January 1-21, in 2021.

We will be praying everyday 3X a day 7AM, 12Noon, and 7PM for 21 days.

We will gather for corporate prayer on Mondays at noon, Wednesday at 7pm and Saturdays at 7pm.

We meet at the Warehouse located at 321 Senoia Road, Peachtree City.

My prayer is: Lord we humble ourselves and submit to your leadership. We long to see your church become a bride set on fire by your Spirit. Gather your people who seek to know you according to your Truth! Create a Courageous Community Church that hosts your presence. Lead Us Lord to be a people without compromise who are filled with purpose to advance your kingdom! In Jesus Name!




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Joshua 1:9


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